A New Game For Tabby and Another Craft Bargain!



After only teaching myself to crochet last summer, yarn is still a pretty new sight to be seen in our house. In the past, Tabby used to play occasionally but she is 15 years old now and pretty ill so she has been slowing down in the last few years. However, knitting has changed all of that!As the yarn moves around more when I’m knitting than when I’m crocheting, Tabby has only just noticed its presence and she is pretty intrigued by it as you can see! The other day I ended up chasing her around the house as she went racing off after attacking my ball of yarn and she left with most of it attached to her! It took me forever to gather the yarn together after she had left a trail of it across two floors! She was very fond of this red yarn that I was knitting with and decided that the best way to make sure it behaved was to sit on it; a good solution in her eyes but not a practical one for me. She also helped herself to a yellow ball that I was crocheting with too! I will have to be more careful about keeping an eye on my yarn in the future!

I also wanted to share this bargain that I found with you! It was on a return trip to the Dove House craft shop (surprise, surprise!)



My Mum has been after this Tatty Teddy kit for months! My cousin had a baby last year and she (my cousin, not the baby) love the Me to You Bears so my Mum thought that this cute kit would be ideal. The cheapest we have ever been able to find it is around £20 on Ebay but in Dove House it was only £5.50! Unfortunately they didn’t have any kits that I have had my eye on (just my luck!) but at least my Mum managed to get the one that she was after for a fraction of the price! Thank god I was early for my opticians appointment! Next time I go I might get something for myself again too!
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9 thoughts on “A New Game For Tabby and Another Craft Bargain!

  1. Ginny says:

    It’s fun to watch kitties play with yarn. You may have to roll up some balls of scraps just for the kittly. The cross stitch kit is adorable. I’ve not see that before. Very cute for baby.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha it is, she gets really giddy! I think I will have to do that for her. Mind you, her favourite toys are things she knows that she isn’t allowed rather than things you give to her specifically to play with! It is really cute, my Mum was thrilled when I found it!

  2. Eresin says:

    Crochet is a mystery to me, no matter how often I tried to learn how to do it, I could never do it!
    The Tatty Teddy kit of lovely and a bargain price too!
    Your cat is gorgeous too 🙂 I have 4 in my house, 2 long haired and 2 shorthaired, though they can be quite lazy hehe

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I used a lot of Youtube videos which helped and I seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and now I’m just trying to get my head round knitting. It was an excellent bargain! She is indeed! Wow, four must keep you busy! One is hassle enough! Haha. She’s worth it though!

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