A New Me for 2013

I’m not a huge believer in new years resolutions as I try to ‘be the best I can’ and make changes to be a better person throughout the year and I don’t like using new year as an excuse to do that but this year I have felt motivated to make some changes that I didn’t expect I was going to. More excitingly, most of the motivation has come from fellow bloggers!


The first change I made (and the one I expect most people have made in January) is my fitness routine. Last year I had to give up dance class because of university commitments, but that also meant cutting out my regular exercise routine. I love exercise but at the moment I can’t afford/fit in long gym sessions four times a week like I used to. However, I have come up with a solution!

WP_000076That’s right, the birthday present from my brother is coming in handy! This Wii Zumba game involves a variety of sessions to choose from, starting with the length of the session you want. As I haven’t been doing much exercise for a while I am kicking it off with the short 20 minute sessions, but I feel like I’ve worked hard in those 20 minutes! Next you choose the intensity of the class. The short sessions have the option of medium or high intensity, then you choose whether you want a cardio, core or combined workout. The core workouts aren’t quite as energetic but do a lot more moves focusing on working the core muscles, whereas the cardio workouts will have you drenched in sweat after the first song! Or you can opt for a balanced mix of the two. Miraculously, I end up burning around 200 calories after twenty minute dance session which is not only a workout but incredibly fun. The game comes with a belt for you to attach the Wii remote to so that you don’t have to dance with it in your hand.

I have been doing Zumba workout once a day during the week, first thing in the morning which really gets me motivated for the day. However, I did manage to pull a muscle in my back on the third day which meant five days off! Now that I have recovered I am getting back into the routine and I hope to up my sessions to the 40 minute option although I think that I will have trouble fitting it in when I move up to the hour long sessions. We’ll see. I’m also aware that my routine will be interrupted when I return to uni in two weeks as I have a couple of 9.15 lectures and there is now way I will have time to do it before I have to leave at 8.30 for the bus!

I have also added yoga to my daily routine. I have taken to doing a ten minute yoga session before I go to bed (there are loads of these available on Youtube) I started the yoga sessions not for fitness, but because I couldn’t sleep on a night. I was going to bed with so much on my mind that I couldn’t get to sleep and when I did get to sleep it was a light and restless one. I thought that yoga might help me to relax and take my mind off everything, which seems to be working. However, it does have a downside…I’m generally a morning person and I slept in until 9.40 the other day…possibly the longest lie in I’ve ever had! Yoga also has some added benefits such as improving my general fitness and my flexibility…something that I am really noticing disappearing since I left dance class!


Now, beauty isn’t my forte. In fact, I don’t really have a clue what I am doing when it comes to beauty! However, since setting up my blog I have come across some fantastic beauty bloggers who have inspired me to try new products and have given me fantastic advice about beauty! Since then, I have bought several products that I never would have even considered (or known to have exist!) and now I can’t live without them! I am hoping to share these products with you in various reviews this week! It is worth remembering that I am incredibly lazy and rather clueless when it comes to beauty  so if I am recommending it it is easy to use and has great results!

To help with my new beauty routine I have pulled out my three beauty books that have been collecting dust on my self…time for some homework!



Just need to get my fashion knowledge up to date and I’m all set!


To do lists are back! I have discovered that I cannot live without a to do list! Every evening before I go to bed I write my list for the next day then I can get up and get on with my jobs straight away. I also get four times as much stuff done with a to do list than without! I started off the new year by treating myself to a new notebook to write my to do lists in. Here it is:


It’s so pretty! And look at some of the amazing pages on the inside:



If I can keep all of this up, 2013 will be a productive year!


4 thoughts on “A New Me for 2013

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh I’ve heard quite a lot about How to Walk in High Heels, I might have to give it a look! I love the Lauren Conrad book because it gives you the ‘staples’ of fashion and beauty so that they are timeless and never go out of fashion…just what I need when I haven’t got much money to replace them quickly!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It was from work (Waterstone’s bookshop) only £7.99! I discovered that the designer is called Julia Rothman as I got some matching fabric from M is for Make the other day…I hope that helps you track it down!

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