Handmade Christmas Gifts

This year I wanted to make Christmas special with some handmade gifts so I thought I would share them with you. I wanted to make my Mum, Dad and brother a handmade gift to go with two bought presents. I have put all of the links to the relevant patterns at the bottom of the page.

Well I have to share the really cute gift that I made for my Mum first:




She absolutely loved him! He was surprisingly easy to make and I love the final outcome – he wasn’t an easy one to part with!

You might remember a while ago I posted about the beanie that I made my brother:



Well he thoroughly approved and was impressed that I had remembered he said that he wanted one! My Grandma even knitted him a scarf to match it!

I also made my Dad some golf club covers but he was that eager to try them he has squirrelled them away before I could get a picture! At least he likes them! I’ll put the link to the pattern at the bottom all the same.

My boyfriend was treated to two handmade presents and this:

Advent Calendar


His finished Advent Calendar! It was a made rush on the 30th November but I EVENTUALLY finished it! If you would like to see the goodies that I stashed inside it, check out the links at the bottom to my boyfriend’s blog where he did a weekly roundup about his gifts each week.

I also made him:



A penguin hat! Which he has actually worn! I was very impressed! (More with him fr wearing it than me for making it!) But it was the first pattern I have ever designed so I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I also made him these:



A pair of computer key photo frames! These were inspired by an identical product that I saw in a department store. They were charging Β£26 for ONE frame! I made these with things that I had in my stash and rescued two keyboards from being binned meaning that it only cost me Β£5 for the pair of frames…a bargain if you ask me! And it has the added element of being handmade. I will be doing a tutorial of how I made these shortly if you want to make your own!

So that was my roundup of my handmade Christmas presents. I’m hoping after learning new skills this year I’ll be able to have even more handmade elements present at Christmas 2013!
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18 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Gifts

  1. Ginny says:

    All of your handmade gifts are so awesome! And kudos to the boyfriend for wearing your cute penguin hat. It is so cute. I especially love the keyboard frames as hubby is a computer programmer and I would love to make these for his desk. Now to get my hands on some old keyboards. We have just recently recycled all of our computer parts, darn! I look forward to your tutorial on making these frames in the future.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Yeah my boyfriend is a programmer too so I thought they would be ideal! It is so hard to find gifts to make for men that they will really like! I think sometimes you can pick some up quite cheaply from second hand shops or you might even be able to find some on ebay that are broken and being sold for parts. I hope you manage to find some! I should be able to get the tutorial up this week hopefully!

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Love the keyboard frames, they’re the perfect handmade gift for a guy. And the snoopy is just adorable, I might have to try that pattern out myself.

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