What I Want in my Bag – 2013!

GIG are offering a great chance to promote blogs called GIG Spotlight, so this is my entry for this week’s competition! The link is below for anyone else who is interested in joining!

The theme is your beauty wishlist for 2013, so here are the top 5 beauty products that I am eager to get my hands on this year! (and my first ever photo montage! eek!)



Since I got my adorable owl bag for Christmas, I have picked five products that I would love to carry around in it!

1. [Elishacoy] Always Kiss Tint Gloss – A strawberry milk flavoured lip gloss?! I might just be tempted to eat this! It sounds great and the adorable pink colour looks natural to wear.

2. False Eyelashes – These are my new must have beauty item. I had never worn them before and I’m still useless at putting them on but I love the look of them. This pair from Love Lashes is a lengthening pair with a natural look, exactly the style I love!

3. [L CRET] Miracle Magic LipStick – I recently purchased the Fresh Green version of this lipstick and it is amazing! So I now have my eyes on the Sexy Red! I have never known a lipstick with staying power like this one! I never usually wear lipstick as even the ones that claim to be ‘long lasting’ barely see out five minutes when I’m wearing it. This one however, I put it on before a night out, it survived the whole three hours I was there and there was still a trace of it the next morning!  And that was after removing my make up! Before the end of 2013 I can see myself owning this in every colour…

4. Ciate Caviar Manicure Set – Eeeeeeeee! Who could honestly resist this??? Tiny little rainbow beads that stick on your nails? Yes please! Need I say more…

5. Leor Peppermint Foot Scrub – I have a lot of problems with my feet and the slightest thing can cause them massive upset. However, I do get serious dry skin on them too so I have been looking everywhere for something that will solve the problem without causing another! Leor’s foot scrub only contains three ingredients and none of them are likely to cause me any upset! Leor kindly sent me a sample to try which I can’t wait to use and if it does the trick I will definitely be stocking up on more!



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