21st Birthday Presents

It has been weeks now since my 21st birthday and I still haven’t had chance to share my presents with you! I was completely spoilt but here are a few of the presents that I got.

From my brother:



You’ve already had a sneak preview of this as I have already begun working on it. I have wanted this kit for ages and I couldn’t wait to get started. I love the pastel colours and it is already looking really pretty.

He also got me:



Zumba! After my birthday and Christmas I am well in need of a workout! I love Zumba because it is so fun and energetic, me and Mum will be attempting this for the first time this morning; fingers crossed that it works!

A couple of presents for my parents:



A Thomas Sabo ring. Every time we passed the jewellers shop I looked at this design, whether it was as a ring, necklace or bracelet charm and my parents wanted to get me something for my birthday that I could keep so this is what the chose.

They also got me:



My Nanna’s pearls. I was really close with my Nanna and she sadly passed away in the summer of 2011. For my birthday my mum decided to get my Nanna’s pearls restrung for me. My Nanna loved pearls and they were her birth stone so it is really nice that I get to keep them and I have worn them on a couple of occasions already.

If that wasn’t enough, I actually got a present from my Nanna!



My Mum warned me in advance that I had a present that had been chosen by my Nanna so that I didn’t get upset but when I opened this I couldn’t help but laugh, it is exactly like my Nanna to choose something like this! Not long before she died she saw it in the shop window and went charging in to buy it (abandoning my Mum with her shopping trolley), forgetting that I was 20 not 21 in December 2011! She then debated my age with my Mum before coming to the conclusion that she was ‘being organised’. The story made me chuckle; it was just like Nanna to get my age wrong and to do an impulse buy but I’m so glad she did because it meant that part of her could still be with me on my 21st birthday, a year and a half after she died.

I even got a present from the cat!



We’re one of those crazy families who get presents to and from the cat but only because we love her so much! And I have this adorable Dumbo from Tabby!

A couple of presents from my boyfriend:



James bought me loads of presents for my 21st (I don’t know how I will top it for his!) but this was my main gift, a lovely handmade leather notebook with a Romeo and Juliet design on, with a set of matching cards. Apparently I caused chaos with this one because my favourite play is Macbeth and that was the one play that they didn’t do! But I absolutely adore the Romeo and Juliet design and I will have to think of something special to write in it.

I was in trouble on my birthday though because rather than being suitable excited about my main present, I was more excited about this one:



A Keepon! This little cutie is what came before EDF’s Zingy, he is battery operated and bobs along to music, as well as responding to your touch. As original as ever, I called him Bob. We now happily bob along to the radio together as I get ready in the morning (I’m not even joking!)

Finally, my friend Clair got me this:



More Shakespeare! Clair, being an English student like me, also loves Shakespeare so she knew exactly what I would think of this lovely Romeo and Juliet necklace!

So this was just a small selection of all of the lovely presents that I got for my birthday! I will also be sharing some of my Christmas presents with you too this week!
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18 thoughts on “21st Birthday Presents

  1. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    An excellent array of presents! The pearls are just lovely and the Romeo and Juliet notebook is gorgeous. Happy 21, hope your 21st year is everything you hoped it would be so far (and that it gets even better)

  2. kjwinston says:

    Oh, my dear, to be 21 again. I just turned 49. I too was very close to my grandmother and I am in deep, deep envy of you getting such a lovely, hilarious gift from yours. And the pearls! Oh, what a lucky woman you are, what a treasure. Happy Birthday!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh happy belated birthday to you too! Everyone says every decade gets better so it looks like I have a lot to look forward to! It was a lovely surprise! In fact they both were! I am very lucky indeed!

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