2013 Baking Challenge – January

As part of my 22 before 22, I wanted to do more baking. When I came across Stephanie Pomfrett’s 2013 Baking Challenge, I knew that it was ideal. The challenge involves baking two new recipes a month, which is ideal for me in terms of time and money! As soon as I found the challenge I had my name signed up!

Yesterday, I did my first baking session and actually managed to squeeze in three recipes! The first recipe I tried was from Annie Bell’s Gorgeous Cakes:


 I have used this book before to bake a birthday cake for my boyfriend last year and it was an amazing recipe so I had high hopes for this one:



Chocolate Fudge Swiss Roll! It looked impressive in the book but, having never made swiss roll before, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. After a bit of trouble with the rolling of it, this is what the finished one looked like:



I’m really happy how it turned out, there were a few minor cracks but it tasted amazing!

Recipe two was Marbled Cupcakes from Phoebe Gibb’s Cupcake book:




I was really excited about these because I couldn’t remember having made marble cake before but I was very impressed with the result – appearance and taste!



The reason I decided to bake a third recipe was because my brother got me a cake pop maker for Christmas (after a disastrous attempt at making them for Rainbows and Brownies!) so I knew that I had to try it out!












This machine makes making cake pops incredibly easy! You just put all of the ingredients in a bowl, mix them then add a spoonful of the mixture into each mould in the machine. The, you just cook them for five minutes, scoop them out and put your next lot in. A few from the first batch came out a strange shape as I was attempting to determine how much mixture worked best, but then I got three more batches that all came out as perfect ball shapes. The mixture even stretched to 48 cake pops! And here are the finished ones:



I think they look adorable and the machine made the whole process so quick and easy! I’ll definitely be using this one regularly!

So there are my January bakes and I already have a couple of ideas in mind for what to bake in February! It also means  that I have completed three of my ‘bake ten new recipes’ for my 22 before 22!

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13 thoughts on “2013 Baking Challenge – January

  1. Ginny says:

    I am so hungry right now! All of your bakings look delicious! And thanks for sharing your experience about the cake pop machine as my son received one for Christmas and I was wondering if they really work or not. Congrats on 3 great looking recipes.

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    Everything just looks fantastic! I’m impressed with the Swiss roll. In high school a friend and I tried to make one and it cracked terribly. Haven’t been brave enough to try since. Good luck with the banking challenge!

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