Celebrating the new year in style…with blog awards!

I’m not quite sure where December went but it appears to have disappeared quicker than I can keep up to date with my blog posts! Sorry for the shortage of them, somewhere in the midst of uni work I was cut down by the common cold and since then I have been on a desperate struggle to catch up again!

December was fantastic! I had an amazing 21st and a wonderful Christmas which I can’t wait to share with you as soon as time permits! However, December also brought me two shiny new blog awards! So I need to thank Red Headed Stitcher for my Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award and Laura Smith for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!



So, as usual, here are the rules for the awards:

7 facts about myself (these get harder and harder to think of! Sorry if there are any duplicates from previous awards!)

Here they are:

1)      I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I’m so excited to get going on some projects.

2)     I am already planning presents for Christmas 2013 (money doesn’t stretch very far so I’m getting a head start to spread it out!)

3)      I now wear contact lenses…the best decision that I ever made 🙂

4)      I have a little brother. I don’t think I have mentioned him much. I say little…he is 17 and miles taller than me but still…

5)      The people I have chosen for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award have genuinely inspired me to do things that I would never have done otherwise! I have written below what they have inspired me to do 🙂

6)      I LOVE digestive biscuits 🙂

7)      These are the 6th and 7th blog awards that I have been nominated for! Thank you to everyone who nominated me for awards, I am so grateful 🙂

I’m nominating 7 bloggers for each award!  you should check them out:


1) D at sweetjellybean.com inspired me to try Korean cosmetics…I have never looked back!

2) Sophie at PeachyMilkyTea inspired me to try contact lenses and her video of how to insert them was invaluable! Even though mine are for vision rather than for cosmetic reasons, I still owe my bravery of booking a trial to her!

3) Janey of Is That You Darling? inspired me to start my 22 before 22 list and I’m thoroughly enjoying taking part in it!

4) I can’t really write about an inspiring blog award without mentioning my boyfriend James who inspired me to start my blog in the first place!

And some specific posts that have inspired me…

5) Stephanie Pomfrett has inspired me to take part in her 2013 Baking Challenge!

6) Knits For Life has inspired me to have a go at this stunning handmade gift wrapping idea!

7) And just this morning, the Little Room of Rachell shared this lovely post that has inspired me to do this year long project.



Recently I became a member of GIG (Girls Inspired Group) a group specifically designed for female bloggers to share their latest posts and become introduced to new blogs. What better way to celebrate this than by sharing six new blogs that I have discovered with you (and one old one that I have to honour)! Just click on the link above if you want to join us too!

1) Trine Marie

2) The Haute Frugalista

3) Box of Stolen Socks

4) My Little Beauty Stash

5) Foodventures

6) Latino Look 

7) Mademoiselle Snow

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