Helping Out a Friend

My friend and fellow blogger Charlotte commented about how many blog views I get earlier today. Thanks to the fantastic community within WordPress and some very loyal followers who I owe no end of thanks to, my blog has taken off beyond what I ever expected. I am incredibly thankful to my 200+ followers and everyone who has helped me get almost 17,000 views since starting my blog in April. I have made some fantastic friends through blogging and I love discovering new blogs and friends every day.

Charlotte writes about baking and her blog is packed full of delicious recipes. Since I have made so many friends through blogging, I wanted to recommend Charlotte’s blog to all of my readers to give help give her views a boost and so that all of you can discover a new friend too! Please take a look at her yummy posts…you won’t be disappointed! You can visit her blog here. Thank you in advance!

P.S. Ed Sheeran review and photos will be up later today so keep an eye out!


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