Shakespeare Live From the Globe!

As I am doing a year long Shakespeare module, you won’t be surprised to hear that I have been busy reading many of his plays. However, this week I was in for an extra treat, as one of my lecturers organised a trip to the local cinema, which was showing Much Ado About Nothing live from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

As an absolute Shakespeare lover, it has always been my dream to go to the Globe (ideally to see Macbeth as that is my favourite!) but when I hear that this trip was being organised I knew that I had to go!


The performance was fantastic and absolutely hilarious. I had never read a Shakespearean comedy before (I love the tragedies personally) but when I read this one it really stuck me as entertaining. The actors conveyed the humour brilliantly by their speech and actions and the audience was laughing along at the jokes. It really reminded me that, although I like reading Shakespeare, there is no experience like watching it performed.

For anyone who can’t travel for the real experience, this option to see Shakespeare’s plays in your local cinema is fantastic. You get the full effect of being at the theatre without having to stand in the rain! After browsing the Globe website I also noticed that you can buy some of the performances on DVD and once pay day arrives Othello will be finding it’s way into my basket as “research” for my uni presentation…

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