Off to the Fair!

It’s not often that Hull has things to boast of, but for just over a week every October, Europe’s largest travelling fair (or some similar title) congregates on Walton street in the form of Hull Fair!

Although every year the rides are all in the same places and the food stalls line up in the same order it is tradition to go along, buy some brandy snap, candy floss or cinder toffee and go on the most daring ride you can face – in my case, the Waltzers.

Every year since I can remember I have had a trip to the fair, wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves – this year was on of the very few years I can remember going without it raining!

As usual, the streets were packed and the only way to prevent parties from getting separated was to create a human train to weave through the crowds.

This year a new ride graced the fair with its presence, a 60 metre high spinning swing! It looked impressive but I certainly preferred to keep my safely on the ground!


So I enjoyed another trip to the fair where I was deafened by heavy bass music and jostled in the crowed but October would never be the same without a visit. And not to forget, the customary bag of chocolate covered cinder toffee that I walk away with every year!

2 thoughts on “Off to the Fair!

  1. marian g says:

    Wow! looks like fun! 😀 travelling fairs like that here in our country are dangerous! hahaha! You can only trust those that are not travelling like the Enchanted Kingdom and Star City.

    I love the first photo! very colorful. it looks so alive 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ours is very family orientated but some of the rides have been known for incidents in the past…
      I love it too! Unfortunately that one isn’t mine, you would never catch me on anything that high!

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