Nails no. 2!

Earlier in the week I saw a lovely post by Polly May about the lovely nail wraps she had bought from Primark.

I have been debating using nail wraps for a while but never got round to trying them. When Polly May mentioned that hers were only £1 from Primark I knew that I had no excuse!

And ta-da!


The wraps were relatively easy to put on after a bit of practice but very easy to correct if they had been applied wonky!

I am usually one of those nightmare people who chips nail varnish before I am even out of the door, so if I see long lasting results with the wraps, I may have found a solution to my problem! Plus, they look 100% more impressive than my coat of plain nail varnish!

Thank you Polly May for your fantastic recommendation and instructions! I can’t wait to buy some more (I may even treat my toe nails too!)


3 thoughts on “Nails no. 2!

  1. pollymay says:

    Wow, these look so good! I went to the Chelmsford one this week and bought some bright pink ones! I feel like I need to stock up on them! Haha! these look great, and soooo effective. Look like you’ve painted them all on. 🙂

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