Disney Jigsaw!

On a recent shopping trip with my Mum, I found this Disney jigsaw in T K Maxx for the bargain price of £3.99. When I was younger I always helped my Grandad with jigsaw puzzles, put since he died I haven’t done one. Overwhelmed by a sudden urge I bought it and spent Saturday evening working on it with my boyfriend.


So, with Dr Who and X Factor to keep us company, we set to work! Here is our progress after three hours:


And by the end of the evening, we had achieved this much:


So finishing it off will keep us busy this evening too!


6 thoughts on “Disney Jigsaw!

    • Janey says:

      Sorry, this wasn’t all it was going to say! I was going to say, I love a good puzzle, I usually pick mine up from charity shops or boot sales! This is a great price for a brand new one though.

      I find it hard to do puzzles with other people though, I get irritated by people if they don’t have the same technique as me!

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