Graze Box Review and Free Box Offer!

Towards the end of last week, I made the decision to eat healthier, both to improve my general health, as well as to hopefully lose some weight for next year’s holiday! I have found that I have put weight on over summer, as four months of reading involved very little exercise and lots of snacks!

Everything has started off really well and I am still feeling very motivated about living a new, healthier lifestyle, and the fact that my mum and my boyfriend are joining in to has certainly made things easier! The main problem I was having however, was feeling incredibly hungry mid-afternoon, which was the time I would often fill up on crisps or biscuits. As a solution to this, I took the plunge and ordered my very first Graze box!

My first ever Graze box!

A Graze box is a box of healthy snacks that can be delivered straight to your door for only £3.79 per box. You can have deliveries bi-weekly, weekly, or fortnightly, and there are hundreds of great snack combinations to choose from!

When you first sign up to Graze, you can read through their products and choose to ‘bin’ the ones that you don’t like the sound of, then with every box delivery, you will be sent four mystery snacks to nibble on when you get peckish!

Inside my first box…

When I opened my first box, I found a welcome booklet, telling me all about Graze and how it works, and a nutritional value sheet, that gave me the nutritional values for the four products I had received.

Nutritional Values Chart

And then the exciting bit…

My food!!!

I opened my box to discover that I had been sent the following four products:

Sticky Chocolate Pudding: Jumbo raisins, green raisins and milk chocolate drops.
Ying & Yang: Dark chocolate buttons, jumbo raisins, almonds and dried cherries.
Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
Boston Baguettes: Tomato breadsticks with a BBQ relish dip.

I was really surprised by the wide range of products I had received in my box! Here is what I thought of the foods:

Sticky Chocolate Pudding

This was definitely my favourite product in the box! The chocolate tasted amazing and there was a surprisingly large number of chocolate drops! The raisins were really juicy and complemented the chocolate really well. The serving size would easily provide me with an adequate sized snack for two days (although tearing myself away from them was tricky because they are so tasty!) However, this little box could easily make a great lunch substitute if you were to eat the whole thing, or a healthy pudding! It has the added benefit of counting as one of your ‘5 a day.’

Ying & Yang

This was my least favourite snack in the box, but that is probably down to personal preference. I wasn’t sure if I would like the box at all, as I have never been a lover of nuts or dried fruit, so this combination was one that I was unsure about. Again, the raisins were really juicy and tasty, and I even liked the almonds with the raisins and the dark chocolate, but the almonds on there own didn’t go down so well! The only thing in this box that I wasn’t so keen on was the cherries, as they have a really strong taste, however, I’m sure anyone who likes dried fruit would still enjoy them (as my mum did when she pinched one!) but I will eat all of the ones in the box and probably try this combination again in the future as I enjoyed the rest of it. This is another portion that would easily last two snacks.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack

In this box I got three mini flapjack slices, which would be ideal for three small snack servings or a sweet treat with a meal. I loved the flapjack! I’m not usually a big fan of cinnamon but the flavour isn’t overpowering and reminded me of gingerbread.

Boston Baguettes

I was surprised by how large the serving of the Boston Baguettes is (nine breadsticks) which will certainly make a large snack or possibly even a light lunch in itself. I really enjoyed eating these as the breadsticks had a slight flavour, which made them delicious on their own, or they complemented the kick from the BBQ relish brilliantly. I was certainly disappointed when I had eaten all of these!

Overall, I think that the Graze box is fantastic value for money, as I worked out that this box would provide enough light snacks for eight days, but they could be eaten individually as light lunches or as part of a lunch. After receiving your box, you have the option to go onto the Graze website and review your food so you can decide if you want to receive it again or not! I was also amazed by the variety of food in my box – I was terrified it was all going to be seeds and nuts! However, the carefully decided combinations offer something more exciting than just dried fruit or nuts, and the added surprise of finding out what is in your box makes it even more exciting! There are several othe rfood options too such as breads, olives and even popcorn!

It is safe to say that I love my first Graze box! I will definitely be continuing a weekly subscription with them. I think the amount you get for the price you pay (price includes postage costs) is fantastic!

If you would like to try your very first Graze Box for free* click on the link below!

*you will be asked to enter your card details to receive you free box but you will NOT be charged. If you decide to cancel your order after your free box you can do so with no payment being taken as long as you cancel it before your second box starts being prepared.


8 thoughts on “Graze Box Review and Free Box Offer!

  1. Vix says:

    My boyfriend and I are doing the same thing! It’s going ok so far and I’ve lost over half a stone in a month. Unfortunately, I’m super hungry right now but I’ve used up my calorie quota. Time for some herbal tea I think. I’ve wondered about the graze boxes before so I think I’ll investigate a bit more now.
    Good luck with yours, let us know how it all goes

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Wow that is amazing! Good luck with the rest of your challenge! I know what you mean, sometimes I get pretty peckish! Luckily most of the things from Graze have very few calories and you can choose the ‘lite’ option where the will send you specific products that contain less than 150 calories per tray (and as I mentioned, each tray equates to two or three servings!)…so when I am hungry I can nibble away without feeling guilty!
      I will certainly keep everyone up to date with my progress! x

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