Craft Fair Fun!

Last week I had spotted a poster in a local coffee shop, advertising a craft fair at the local jubilee church. I knew that I had to go because there aren’t often craft fairs in my local area, and the ones in my village are usually disappointing. Yesterday, my boyfriend took me into town to investigate!

I was completely overwhelmed with the quality of the stalls and the range of products, everything from beauty treats to cat neckerchiefs! There were roughly twenty different stalls, several of which you would expect, such as home-sewn products, cards and cupcakes, but there were several surprised such as a pet accessory stall, handmade soaps, candles and sweetie trees! The quality and range of products was so much better than the craft fairs I usually visit!

Sadly (or fortunately?) the fair took place the week before I got paid, so I didn’t have any pennies to spend! However, I certainly could have come home with a lot! Although, my boyfriend did treat me to this adorable birdcage brooch:


I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I even chose it over an owl one!!!

I also picked up a couple of business cards while I was there, one was for Zoe’s Pins ‘N’ Needles, who had some adorable sewn gifts, and the other was for Crafty Type, who makes wonderful custom prints and cards in amazing designs.

I definitely thoroughly enjoyed my day!


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