Being Educated in BB!

A little while ago I read’s blog post about BB cream. Having used BB cream in the past, I was intrigued as I had not had very good results.

The main reason I tried BB cream was because I rely heavily on foundation to cover my ‘rosy cheeks,’ but with the added benefits of BB cream for my skin, it seemed a better long-term solution to switch. (see’s post for the background to BB cream!) I received a free sample of a Garnier BB cream, which I tried but I wasn’t completely satisfied with.

While the product was easy to apply as it had a similar consistency to liquid foundation, but it didn’t give me the reliable coverage of my regular foundation. Here are some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.

As you can see, the coverage was pretty poor. However, when I saw the post on, I thought I could ask a few questions to get some tips on what may work better for me. Donah kindly offered to send me a sample of the Skin79 BB cream that she was reviewing. I sampled the Vital Cream that she reviewed, and I found the product completely different from my experience with the Garnier one.

The consistency of the cream was very thick, which meant that once I had applied it, I initially looked coated in it – however, this is probably down to a lack of practice with the product. Throughout the day, the  product did look less obvious, and it resulted in great coverage that lasted all day. It also covered my pink cheeky really well!

Here are the before and after photos:

I love this product and I will definitely be buying it in the future! For more information on the product make sure you read the original post on! There is also a link to buy the product too!

And thank you so much to Donah for recommending this product to me!


16 thoughts on “Being Educated in BB!

  1. Donah @ says:

    Wow! Hannah, I’m so pleased that it seems to suit you well! This is very good. I think we’re very spot on to try the Vital BB cream for you! Do drop me a line once you’ve decided to purchase from as I have some discount codes that I can give you. 😉 I’ll share this post with the company, if that’s ok with you. 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It really does go well! I was surprised because usually it is a pain to find foundation that is exactly right but this just looked perfect! The coverage was brilliant! Ooh I will do! Only a week until pay day now! That’s fine with me! Share away!

      • Donah @ says:

        That’s fantastic! I’ve shared it with the Co Founder of and if you don’t mind, I will feature you on my blog at some point, once the two girlies will give their feedback, too! I’m sending a few more samples to some of the bloggers here in the UK, who were interested to try the other BB creams. I think it’s the Chamomile extract that really toned the redness down for you, which is fantastic to soothe your skin, something most foundations won’t have. 🙂 Thank you very much Hannah, I was so surprised with this post.

      • Donah @ says:

        You’re going to be featured! Yay! Might take some time though as I’m still waiting for samples for the girlies to arrive then I’ll send it over to them. I’ll let you know defo. 😉 btw, have you used one sachet in one application? or it wasn’t enough for one?

      • Hannah Ackroyd says:

        Woopwoop! That’s ok 🙂 I can wait patiently 😀 I found if anything that one seemed too much for me! I could probably have got away with half as I put most of one on and it came really thick, I think I would have been better using less and spreading some more!

  2. The Charmed Cupcake says:

    Hi Hannah! Thanks for sharing as here in Austria I have only seen 3 brands of BB cream and one of them was Garnier – no asian brands here 😦 I have read a few other reviews about Garnier so didn’t go near it so thanks for sharing your experience. Momma bean is great isn’t she 😉

  3. callmejagi says:

    The Skin79 Vital BB cream is a good match for you. I also use this bb cream because it’s one of the palest bbs out there with non-pinky undertones!

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