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As if my collection of craft magazines and books wasn’t big enough, I couldn’t resist the adorable patterns in the latest edition of Inside Crochet.

While I have looked at the magazine in the past, it never really appealed to me, however, it has over gone a makeover and the new look magazine is fantastic.


The main reason I ran to the checkout with this magazine was simply for this amazing broomstick leggings pattern:


I have never tried broomstick stitches so attempting it in the round is probably slightly out of my ability just yet but I really really want a pair of these leggings!

As well as the leggings, there were also some other great patterns, these were some of my favourites:





This magazine was definitely a bargain for £4.99 as I will probably be using almost every pattern from it!

Jane at Is That You Darling? has inspired me to attempt a ’22 before 22′ list (inspired by her 30 before 30) which is a list of (in my case) 22 things that I want to achieve before I am 22, which I will be starting after my 21st birthday in December. While I haven’t had chance to put much thought into my list yet, one item I have decided on is ‘crochet my winter wardrobe,’ so I will be choosing a variety of winter clothes to crochet for winter 2013! Several of the patterns in the magazine will be making an appearance!


21 thoughts on “Inside Crochet Magazine

  1. Janey says:

    I love those leggings!

    I’m glad you’re trying a 22 before 22 list! I’ve done one for three years now but I’m terrible at actually getting things completed! I am trying a bit harder this year, but my next list is definitely going to have much more achievable things on it. Learn to crochet might be one!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha well I’m hopefully going to make this years ‘achievable’ so I can make it more challenging for the following year. I can’t wait to get started but I don’t know how you can think of so many things! I have come up with about four so far!

  2. kittenhood says:

    I wish I had the patience to crochet! I used to when I was a kid, but it was going super slowly. Now, I even forgot how it’s done. Anyway, some great things can be crocheted, I’d love to do it!

  3. Vix says:

    My fave from that issue is the Patti Wrap. I’ve already hunted down some yummy super chunky yarn and a new 7mm hook, now all I need is a nice contrasting aran!
    Good luck with the 22 things, I can’t wait to hear about it

  4. craftgirl78 says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Hannah! I sent hubby out to buy me a copy yesterday because I have at least three people in mind that would absolutely love a pair of the leggings for Chrismtas! Now I just need to lear broomstick crochet…

  5. Diane says:

    Thanks for the review on this magazine – it looks so much better than the UK had to offer the last time I was able to look at crochet magazines (I’m housebound due ti illness and disability and have been for almost 6 years!), so I had looked at the crochet mags across the pond.

    Could you tell me what the average garment size range is in this magazine, please? There looks to be some really nice designs in that magazine, byt being on the larger side, there’d be no point getting it (through someone else, so I’d be buying virtually unseen other than what yo’ve shown here) if the patterns were’t going to fit me! LOL!

    Some of the designs look like the mag is geared more to a younger audience, which is brilliant, as it may well encourage more younger people to take up crocheting. I’m 50 – and larger – so I’m not sure it’d be for me now, but some of those garments would have definitely been my cup of tea a couple of decades or so ago!!! LOL!

    Those broomstick crochet leggings, for a start! Wow! The first time I came across broomstick crochet, I got on the web and ordered giant knitting needles as I wanted to try it straight away….but still haven’t got around to it! Teehee! My miind is definitely more willing than my body! LOL! Maybe I’ll get there one day! LOL!

    That figure hugging blue dress and those leggings would be perfect together with the right figure, I’m sure!

    But there are definitely some things there that woukld suit all ages and sizes, like shawls and fingerless mitts etc, but I’ll have to consider funds since I subscribe to the digtal versions of a couple of US crochet mags, and a couple of US knitting mags as well, since I can guarantee that the vast majority of the patterns in those magazines will fit me! LOL!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hi Diane, thanks for the comment. I agree, there isn’t a great range of crochet magazines available in the UK but I really loved this one!
      I agree about the younger designs, I am 20 and I find it really difficult to find crochet patterns that are ideal for my age range, this was the main reason that I pick up the magazine!
      Ooh good luck with the broomstick stitch if you get chance to try it! I love the leggings, I can’t wait to try and make them.
      The magazine offers 5 or 6 sizes of clothing, which ranges from XS-XXL and is represented in bust sizes. The largest bust size is to fit 122-127 cm (58-50 inches) so there is a good range. This size applies to all of the jumper patterns.
      I found that this issue was brilliant value for money because I will probably use all of the 17 patterns at some point, and the magazine only cost £4.99. However, I have picked up this magazine in the past and found that there were only two or three patterns that I would use. The new look of the magazine does look promising though so hopefully it will continue providing lots of brilliant patterns!
      I hope this helps! I’ll be happy to answer any more questions if I haven’t made anything clear!

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