After everyone showed so much love for the owl bag I shared in my Crochet Finds post, I thought people might like to see some pictures of me with this little cutie:

This is Pippin! A local bird sanctuary were collecting donations in the shopping centre as I passed with my friend. Since I find owls absolutely adorable, I went to have a closer look and I was instantly drawn to this tiny little one!

I put a donation in the bucket and the handler asked me if I would like to hold him. I was ecstatic and pulled the glove on straight away.

Here is me holding Pippin:

And cue cheesy grin:

This definitely made my day! Even if Pippin was more interested in watching the seagulls outside than posing for a photograph!


12 thoughts on “Owls!

  1. tgonzales says:


    AWWWW little owls are so adorable and that’s so neat that you got to see one up close and personal. Plus I love your cheezy grin, you’re adorable too.


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