Christmas Cross Stitching

Earlier in the year I had the idea of making my boyfriend an advent calendar. He had commented that me an my brother are still treated to a chocolate advent calendar every year, but he doesn’t get one. So I set out to make him one! I found some adorable cross stitch designs for the pockets and started stitching away!

This was months ago, and so far I have only managed to stitch 10 squares! It is easy enough to get one done a day, but finding time to do them has been proving difficult! However, here are my first ten pockets:


A close-up of pockets 9 and 10

The design uses Kreinik Blending Filament, which looks lovely and shiny in the finished piece, but has the habit of getting itself incredibly knotted in the process! Hopefully the finished calendar will be worth the struggle though!

I’m hoping to find the motivation to get a few more squares finished next week so that I can finally feel like I am getting somewhere!


14 thoughts on “Christmas Cross Stitching

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I have been buying all sorts of little goodies throughout the year…I have been more efficient with the shopping than the stitching! I can’t say too much though…the boyfriend will be reading! I shall make sure he keeps everyone updated throughout December though!

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