Yorkshire’s Olympics

So they Olympics are over and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really watch many events. Before the Olympics began I was particularly cynical about them, as they whole focus was on London and the south of the country, while the rest of us ‘up North’ were to be forgotten.

You can imagine my surprise then when I heard that Yorkshire athletes were winning medals left right and centre!

The close of the Olympics saw seven gold, two silver and three bronze medals making there way back to Yorkshire – so in terms of the tables, that would put Yorkshire in twelfth place, ahead of Jamaica,  Spain, South Africa and even the next hosts, Brazil!

Not only that, but gold medallist boxer Luke Campbell is from my city, Hull! So we have been awarded the trademark gold postbox of all successful Olympians, as well as a gold phone box courtesy of Kingston Communications!

Hull’s gold phone box!

Luke Campbell winning a gold medal for Hull

So after seeing all of Yorkshire’s success in the Olympics, I have decided that maybe we weren’t forgotten in the glory after all. And while the Olympics eventually made me feel proud to be British, there is no doubt that they made me proud to be from Yorkshire!

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire’s Olympics

  1. kalfury says:

    Well Hannah, I agree that Yorkshire were fab, and I decided to become an honorary Yorkie, since a) at the start of the Olympics I was in Yorkshire on holiday and b) my step-mum is from Yorkshire lol
    P.S you’ve just had a mention in my latest blog!

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