Recently I seem to have been making all sorts of crochet gifts. It all started when I decided to make a Zingy for my boyfriend, who had admired the others I had been making for quite a while. I decided to spend the day after my return from Rome making one to surprise him. Once he came round after he finished work, he was proudly presented with a bag of goodies from my holiday, with this little one peeping out…


Well I think his was the best reaction to any gift I have ever made! After squealing he began bobbing around with his Zingy while humming the tune from the advert!

Monday also say my brother’s 17th birthday…what on earth do you get for a seventeen-year-old boy?? Well a Zingy of course! When I had completed my first ever Zingy, my brother even went as far to suggest that he was impressed with it! This never happens as anything his older sister does is immediately classed as uncool! So, recalling this nod of approval, I decided to make him a Zingy too!

Half way through opening his present he commented, “I think I know what this is!” and was very impressed with his gift! And here is his Zingy:


As well as that, I have also completed my first hand made Christmas gift! I used the same beanie pattern as I used for my beanie to make a black version for my brother as he requested. Hopefully he will wear it!

Here is his finished beanie:

One Christmas present down but I have a few more to make before December!


9 thoughts on “Presents!

  1. kalfury says:

    Hannah, I really look forward to your blogs, you never fail to disappoint me. Love the zingy, I want one!!!! Glad you made your first Xmas present, I’v managed to make 3 so far, all scarves, maybe I’ll get round to posting them in my blog…keep up the good work X

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Aww I’m glad you like it! Thank you for stopping by! Haha everyone loves the Zingys! Ooh well done with your christmas crafting too! Luckily I don’t have too many to make…I still need almost all of my supplies for the rest!

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