For the Love of…Post!

I’m one of those really sad people who gets ridiculously excited about getting post. My neighbours have an Airedale Terrior who has a really loud bark, and I have even learnt to distinguish the ‘postman bark’ from any other passer-by! Upon hearing said bark, I will race to the door like a loon and eagerly await anything that might come through our letter box! The only down side of exciting post is that it often involves money to provide parcels…something that students never have a lot of!

However, this week I decided to treat myself and here is what the postman has brought me!

My first order was for seven balls of Debbie Bliss Amalfi in Apple Green. I bought it from Black Sheep Wools (.com) where it was reduced from £4.50/ball to just £2.25/ball! I just couldn’t pass this offer up, especially as I have been looking for the ideal yarn to make this blanket…


I fell in love with this design when I saw it and it seemed like a great way to use up the fabric that I have left over from my appliqué projects! The tutorial is available here:

Upon measuring out my fabric for the blanket, I discovered that I needed three more different fabrics to complete it, so I bought one from eBay that  I had had my eye on for a while…


I love the newspaper print style of this fabric, combined with the flowers…I was just waiting for a reason to buy it! I am still two fabrics short, but once I have been paid again, I will be raiding My Fabric House ( as I always love the fabrics that they sell!

Finally, my last little treat that I bought for myself was from Whitby. Although this one didn’t come through the post, I can’t resist showing you it!


I bought myself a ball of King Cole Galaxy DK in Fuchsia, simply because I loved the colour, and it has sequins in the yarn! I have taken a close up but unfortunately my camera refused to focus on the sequins 😦


Although I had no idea what I was going to use it for, I knew that I couldn’t leave without it! When I got home, I looked through my favourites on Ravelry and found this scarf, which is ideal but (you guessed it) will require another ball! Back to Whitby it is then…

However, the design is technically for a shawl, but I prefer it worn as a scarf so maybe I can get away with making it smaller? Probably not but we’ll see what happens!


18 thoughts on “For the Love of…Post!

  1. JMCrafts says:

    What gorgeous yarn. That newspaper fabric is lovely iv never seen anything like it before, really unusual. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your work 🙂

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I thought so too 🙂 I’m always too tempted by pretty things! I fell in love with the fabric when I saw it! I just stumbled upon it when searching eBay! I love it when you discover something by mistake! I’ll be sure to keep everyone update with my projects!

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    I agree there is nothing nicer than post, and post with goodies is especially nice.Love the Ebay fabric- why did I miss that and the king cole yarn is gorgeous. I might have to go to Whitby myself as it is only just up the coast. Which shop did you get it from ? I love the shop in old Whitby with all the antiques mixed in with the yarn. \look forward to seeing the makes.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh how exciting to hear that you live near Whitby too! I got it from Bobbins which is in the hall near the 199 steps…it was like a church hall but I can’t remember the exact use of the building! Be warned though…you’ll want to come away with a lot more! I will have to have a return trip for another ball of the King Cole and there were plenty of other goodies that I could have some home with!

  3. kayebee says:

    I really like the yarn and fabric you picked for the blanket. I can definitely see the blanket turning out really beautiful since the colors mesh well. The yarn looks so soft, will have to visit that website.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It is really soft! Normally I just buy cheap dk but this is lovely…I’m definitely going to have to splurge more often! I’ll post pics of the blanket when I have made some progress 🙂

  4. kalfury says:

    Hehe, I’m a loon for the postman too, the Debbie Bliss yarn was a bargain and I’ve just made a little baby bolero using the King Cole Galaxy, it turned out really nice, I’ve got a pic on of it on my latest blog entry. Hope you enjoy using your new stash!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      It really was! I’m so happy with it! I worry about buying yarn online as you can’t see the colour or texture properly but it is beautiful! The bolero is so cute! That’s one lucky baby! Hopefully my scarf will turn out OK 🙂 I’m sure I will! I still have plenty of old stash to use too! Hehe

      • kalfury says:

        Ah thanks and I’m sure your scarf will be great. Just had a look at the website you bought from and there look to be some great bargains. Not sure I can justify buying them but you never know….

  5. kalfury says:

    Hannah, I took your advice and ordered some yarn from Black Sheep, I chose some Sublime and some Debbie Bliss, and then after having seen the website I decided I just had to actually go there and so my hubby took me today, talk about heaven, I could literally live there, and what amazing bargains I got. My stash is now enormous and I’m blaming it all on you!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Ooh I’m so jealous! I don’t live near it 😦 I’ll definitely have to make a visit one day though! I’m glad you got some bargains! Haha I hope it was worth it and I’m not in too much trouble really! x

      • kalfury says:

        Hehe, no you’re not in trouble at all, in fact I’m delighted with you (but don’t tell the hubby! I told him it was all your fault) and I’ve been working on something using some of the wool I bought so hopefully you’ll be seeing it soon X

      • Hannah Ackroyd says:

        Haha well I’ll take the blame from him, he won’t be able to track me down! At least you have found a project for it…I always feel guilty if I just buy it because I like it! I look forward to seeing your finished product! x

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