A Bit of Shopping in Rome!

As promised, I will share my Roman finds with you! My first buy included a patch to sew onto my blanket and a cute Vespa Scooter pin!



Our next stop was at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I got myself a pin to add to my collection:


My collection currently stands at Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls Canada, Niagara Falls NY, New York, Rome, Manchester, Barcelona, London, Hong Kong and Florida! I think I’ll need quite a few more trips to collect them all though!

At the Hard Rock Cafe I also bought my brother some drumsticks as he collects them – this solves the problem of what to buy him for his birthday! And I found some vouchers at the hotel so I also got a couple of free button badges! Woop!



I also gave into one of the street artists on the trip, who was selling some beautiful sepia paintings. I chose this one as it included the Vatican and the Colosseum. It will look great next to the sepia postcards that I bought and framed from Paris!


I also bought a t-shirt that featured the Vespas because they are so cute…and it came in PINK 😀 It also had the added benefit of covering my poor sunburnt shoulders!


In Vatican City, I couldn’t resist this adorable scarab beetle bead…I’m not sure what he will be used for yet but the colour was stunning!


My last buy of the holiday was a pair of these adorable Venetian mask earrings (also in pink!) although I’m not sure if one had adopted an extra diamanté or if one has lost one! I’m still deciding whether to add an extra one or to take the middle one off. At the moment I am just wearing them as they are! I was tempted to buy one of the genuine Venetian masks, however, I decided that a trip to Venice to buy one may be more fun!


My favourite purchase from the holiday also came from Vatican City, where I went slightly mad and bought this:

It comes carefully wrapped in a box…


It is a beautiful handmade, leather notebook!


And it features a close up of the infamous scene from the roof of the Sistine Chapel


It also has a very pretty spine:


The only this I was disappointed that I didn’t come home with was some Italian yarn. Out of the three yarn shops that I managed to find addresses for in the city, only one was anywhere near us and it had shut down 😦 however, I did use this as an excuse to treat myself to some when we got home! But more on that later…



8 thoughts on “A Bit of Shopping in Rome!

  1. thisisthecraftyone says:

    The notebook is beautiful!
    I also love the vespas… all of them… There’s something about them right?!
    Looks like you had a great time 😀

  2. Kristel says:

    Wow! I’m so envious! 🙂 I collect journals and post cards–and the ones you got there are lovely. I mean, ‘lovely’s’ a huge understatement, but it’s the word that comes to mind. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

  3. kalfury says:

    Wow, you got some lovely things there, I love to bring home some nice things from holiday, mine was mostly wool…
    I particularly love the notebook, I could stroke that for hours!

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