Carboot disappointment but a productive day!

I was hoping to be able to share a blog with you about the fantastic finds I discovered at the carboot sale that we went to before Rome but…there weren’t any 😦 I rummage around all of the stalls hoping to find SOMETHING worthy of taking home but I was incredibly disappointed.

However, even though I didn’t spend any money, we managed to make £75 towards holiday spending! And, since I was sat at the stall between 6am and 1pm, I managed to finish my shawl! All I had to do after we left was add the edging (which was trickier than it seemed!) so I came home determined to finish it before we went away.

I managed to finish it and here it is!

My finished shawl!

I was surprised by how big (and heavy!) it is! But it will definitely look very pretty with any outfit! I also really loved using the Caron Natura One Pound yarn, as it was really soft but nice and smooth to use, and didn’t get fluffy like some other brands that I have used!

Now to start a new project…what to choose…


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