I’ve reached the bottom! And there are chairs!

My new found motivation for my Dimensions Gold cross stitch kit lasted about a week, which meant a fair bit of progress, but then, due to holiday preparations, I lapsed once again! However, once I return from Rome, hopefully I will be able to get into the routine of working on it every evening again!

This is what I have so far!

I have finally reached the bottom of the design! This is encouraging because all of the ‘pavement’ in the design is done in a half cross stitch and therefore only takes half the time! This will probably where I start working again when I return from my trip to motivate me and to see some speedy progress! Although I still have a long way to reach the top, reaching the bottom makes the image much clearer and gives me hope that I may actually be getting somewhere! I’m also pretty impressed with the chairs! It’s always a good sign when you can work out what it is meant to be :’)


4 thoughts on “I’ve reached the bottom! And there are chairs!

  1. K. Marie says:

    It’s looking great!! I have half stitches in my project but they are at the very top and I’m still pretty close to the bottom. Lol. I can’t wait to see it when u start working on it again!!

      • K. Marie says:

        I wish mine were that way. I’m almost finished with the bottom parts though so I’m itching to get started on the top and then the letters. Then it’ll be finished and I can start on my next project which I hope doesn’t take that long so I can do the Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel ones afterwards. Whew!! My mind is racing with so many cross stitch projects I have to slow down and complete the one I’m on first!!

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