An Explosion of Zingys!

(N.B. I don’t know what the collective term for Zingys is, but an explosion seems to to work suitably and sounds pretty cute!)

Recently I seem to have spent all of my time making more crochet Zingys! After posting a picture of mine of Facebook (big mistake) my sign language teacher’s daughter spotted it and asked me if I could make one for her and one as a surprise for her mum too! So I set about making two more and here are the latest additions:

I think it is so cute how they all come out looking so unique! The one on the right hand side certainly looks like the most mischievous one out of the three I have made so far!

As well as these two, I am also going to make one for my brother for his birthday, as he was also captivated by the infamous little creature! And my boyfriend is still insisting that I make a pink one with a bow so that my Zingy can have a girlfriend!

Before long I will be able to make these things in my sleep!

For anyone who wants to make their own, I got the pattern from here:




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