New Craft Tools!

Yesterday, since I was having tea at my boyfriend’s house, I decided that we should have a trip to the Range for the couple of supplies that I needed for my craft swap. Of course when I asked him if we could go, I didn’t point out that it was in fact the day before pay day and I had no money…but at least he only has to wait until today for his money back! However, the trip to the Range was pretty disappointing as they didn’t have any of the things that I needed 😦 sensing my disappointment, my boyfriend offered a trip to Hobbycraft to try our luck there instead. Fortunately, I managed to get one of the things I needed for my swap (only one to go now!) and I was also treated to some bits for myself too!

My first treat was a 10mm crochet hook, as my shawl has been waiting patiently on my ‘to-do’ list for ages now! So as soon as I have finished my swap items, I can get started on it and I have no excuse now that I have a hook!

My second treat was a pack of needle threaders. Ironically enough, I have no problem threading needles, but after a period of cross stitching, when I switch to crochet, I cannot help but put the yarn in my mouth before threading the needle! Having decided that swallowing mouthfuls of yarn is bad for me, these seemed like a worthy investment to try and get me out of the habit! And lets face it, they are always going to make life easier!


When I first arrived at my boyfriend’s house, he also had a surprise for me – the new Kathy Reichs book! I have only read the first in the series so I have a lot of catching up to do! But I will be very pleased to add this one to my collection!

So thank you to James for all of my little goodies and I can now pay you back for my crafty things! I can’t wait to get using everything!




4 thoughts on “New Craft Tools!

  1. kalfury says:

    I think you were very self-controlled just buying a couple of things in the craft shop, I can’t go near a yarn shop without coming out without half of the shop..

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Haha well I’m used to not having any money so I’m usually careful! I could definitely have bought a lot more! All of this was a bargain…for the three things it came to about £2.60 with student discount! Can’t really complain at that!

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I applaud you for only getting a couple of crafty things. I’ve been fairly restrained with my cross-stitch purchases but I’ve been on a book buying spree with no restraint…

    Speaking of which, I love kathy reichs! I haven’t read the series in order so I’m going to have to start at the beginning and work my way back through. Hope you enjoy it! (and all your crafty things!)

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I have been pretty good since my Grandma gave me all sorts of goodies…I might as well use that up before I start buying extras! Although I go to Rome next week and if I happen to stumble upon a craft shop it may well be a different matter!
      I have actually been pretty self restrained with books too (my other weakness!) But I have hundreds to read…such as the whole Kathy Reichs series after the first one! I swear I will never read all of the books that I own!
      I’m sure I will!

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