I’m Taking Part in a Craft Swap!


A few weeks ago I was browsing through my ‘reader’ section when I stumbled across Claireabellemakes. Enticed by the lovely embroidered camera hanging, I clicked on her post. Her lovely embroidered picture was the result of a craft swap she had taken part in through Craftaholics Anonymous. I had never heard of a craft swap before, so I was really intrigued by what it was. Fortunately, after posting hundreds of comments asking for details, I was fully informed of what they are. For anyone who doesn’t know, a craft swap is when you are paired with a partner, who you receive some information about and you make a hand made gift for each other.

One of the first questions I had was ‘How do I get involved???’ I was so eager to get started, that I couldn’t wait until November for the next Craftaholics Anonymous exchange! Luckily, Claireabellemakes was able to tell me about the Popular Crafts Magazine swap. The magazine runs a swap every couple of months, and I was just in time to get involved in their strawberry themed swap! As soon as I knew the theme I started making plans, even though I only just found out my partner this week! I have been partnered with Louise, who makes items to sell on her website, to make money for her Guide Unit (strangely we even have volunteering for Girl Guiding in common!) After taking a look at her website, I began to feel slightly nervous that my gift might not meet her expectations! Louise is obviously an established crafter, whereas I am still pretty new to crafting! Hopefully she will like her gift!

Because I am taking part in the swap and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, there won’t be any crafty updates for a while unfortunatley!


16 thoughts on “I’m Taking Part in a Craft Swap!

      • Hannah Ackroyd says:

        I have been looking at some of the albums of previous swaps and there is some great stuff there! I think it is a great opportunity to try and make things that I wouldn’t normally!

      • claireabellemakes says:

        I’ve definitely pushed myself to learn new skills through the swaps. It also gives you a lot of inspiration as someone might make you something really interesting and it will spark a new craft interest. Have fun!

      • Hannah Ackroyd says:

        Yeah that’s true! Since I’m a pretty new crafter I’m interested in learning new things so the swaps will be a great way to discover them! Thank you! I’m sure I will!

  1. thisisthecraftyone says:

    Oooh sounds fun… maybe I should look into this, though perhaps when I’m finished with the things I’m doing at the moment!

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    This sounds like so much fun! I might have to look into it around christmas, I think that would be a fun time to do a swap (and I have all kinds of christmas craft ideas that need to be put to good use!)

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Yeah Christmas would be a great time to do it! Craftaholics Anonymous is running their next one in November and on their website you can sign up for a reminder once they are taking entrants! It would be a lovely little Christmas present!

  3. wemakeitbeautiful says:

    Never heard of a craft swap until reading this post! Sounds like tons of fun. My cousins and I write a blog… we’ve only just started it… but we’ve been crafting for years and this sounds like a fantastic idea!

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