Crochet Update!

It feels like such a long time since I told you all about my crochet projects but I’m sure it was only a week ago? Maybe I have lost track of time! Or maybe it is because I have been flying through so many projects recently! I have completed four new projects since the last update! I am very impressed with them all!

My first project was a mobile phone case which Tamara designed. She kindly emailed the pattern to me and here is my finished product!

My finished phone case!

I absolutely love it! I often walk around with my phone in my hand and always forget where I put it down so this is wonderful…the neck strap means I can never lose it! I think it looks really nice in the squiggle wool too! I’m strongly considering adapting the pattern to fit my laptop for a laptop sleeve too!

My next completed project was my slouchy hat, which I found on Ravelry. I LOVE my hat! It is slightly on the big side though, so come winter, it may need some adjusting. I used the left over wool from my gloves to make the brooch for my hat so that they (sort of) match.

Slouchy hat

My third (and favourite) project was the crochet Zingy pattern that I got from Etsy. To be honest, I think Zingy speaks for himself:

How cute is he?!

My final project was my beanie for the 100 Beanie Drive (don’t forget that you still have time to get involved!) I adapted a pattern that I found here, so that the hat was crocheted in continuous spirals. This was so that no seam was created to make it more comfortable for the wearer. Hopefully it will keep a patient nice and warm! I love the colour of the hat too, I think it looks nice and cheerful (it is that sort of primary red that is often used for children’s toys.)

My beanie to contribute to the 100 Beanie Drive to help keep cancer patients warm in Australia during their winter.

So that’s what has kept me busy during this last week! I’m going to have to be pretty secretive about my next few projects but I will explain why in a later post!


14 thoughts on “Crochet Update!

  1. K. Marie says:

    Great job on all of your projects, you really have been flying through all of them!! I love, love, love the slouchy hat!! I’ve been wanting one for so long but whenever winter comes I can’t ever seem to find any. Hmph!! But yours is gorgeous!!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Well at least something productive will come out of my summer holiday! I know what you mean! Last year I ended up buying a men’s one because I couldn’t find one and even then it wasn’t exactly what I wanted…so at least by making one I can get exactly what I want! Thank you for your compliments!

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