Craft Presents from Grandma!

My Grandma has been an avid knitter for as long as I can remember (from being born I have been adorned with hand-knitted jumpers and blankets!) so when I learnt to crochet I was hoping she would be suitably impressed. Although she claims that she ‘doesn’t like crochet,’ she always seems suitably impressed with the things that I make.

Yesterday as I was calling on my Avon round, my Grandma mentioned that she was having a clear out of her knitting stash and asked if I wanted any wool. Of course, I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to expand my dismal looking carrier bag of wool, I said I’d be happy to take anything that she didn’t want. This is what I came home with:

My little gift from Grandma!

I couldn’t believe how much stuff she had to get rid of! I was very happy to re-home it however! In the bundle I got:

Goodie #1

A brand new pack of Klass Double Knitting in Bronze (10 balls). I have never attempted to crochet with this fluffy sort of wool before, however, if I am daring, I may attempt to make something akin to these lovely fluffy cats made by Diane. I may need another hunt around Ravelry for a suitable pattern!

Goodie #2

Seven and a half balls of Lang Marisa Cotton. I was hoping to buy something like this to eventually make a doily table runner. So now I have no excuse!

Goodie #3

3 balls of 4-ply yarn. Two are a creamy colour that I am still trying to work out if they are the same or not! The other ball is a beautiful combination of blues/purples/reds/greens, but alas, the photo doesn’t do it justice! I’m not sure what these will be used for yet but I’m sure I’ll find something!

Goodie #4

Two balls of white double knit…these will come in handy for the throw that I am still tackling!

Goodie #5

A selection of mystery double knit wool. I have rough plans in mind for the pink and green but I’m not sure about the others yet, however, I am sure I will be able to find something!

Goodie #6

A 5mm crochet hook! Lets face it, you can never have too many of these!

As well as all of these goodies that she gave me, she also leant me these three book to photocopy some patterns from, so I am very excited about having a look through these after work today!

So I feel very grateful that my Grandma thought of me while she was having a clear out and I will be sure to keep her updated with my projects that use the wool!

And finally, while we are on the subject of yarn, I can’t resist showing you this photo of my cat Tabby with my ball of Caron One Pound that has FINALLY arrived.

Tabby with my super huge ball of wool!


15 thoughts on “Craft Presents from Grandma!

  1. kidspartyheaven says:

    Thanks for the pingback! You are so going to make your cute kitty with that gorgeous fluffy bronze, it’s perfect!
    I don’t work from patterns, being of a sculptural bent, I break things down to basic ball and cylinder shapes and build it up afterwards. Try it, it’s really not that hard. Ears are just simple flat triangle shapes, paws are flattened balls with cylinders attached.
    When working with the fluffy yarn, you may have to do things by feel as you can’t always see the stitches. But don’t despair, crochet is such a forgiving craft, once you have fluffed up the yarn ( I use a piece of velcro) afterwards, you wont even see any irregularities.

    Good luck, happy crocheting and do show me what becomes of that lovely yarn stash! ( I’m so jealous!)

    Diane of Crochet Bright and Beautiful/ Diane Gets Crafty

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      No problem! I love to have a nosey around your blog to see what new additions you have to your litter!
      I hope so! I’d really love to give it a go and since I now have ten balls there is plenty of space for trial and error! Since I don’t seem to stick by the rules when following patterns anyway I figure I might as well give it a go!
      Thanks for the tips! If I end up with anything half as cute as your kitties I will be very happy! I will definitely keep everyone posted on what becomes of it all! I have so many projects already waiting though, It might take me a while to get round to using it!

  2. A. Wright says:

    Oh wow, what a fun visit to Grandma’s! I’m sure she will be exicted to see what you make with her overflow, I am.

  3. Janey says:

    Hi Hannah, I found your blog courtesy of Terri-Jane’s blog, so I thought I’d say hi!

    How lucky are you to have got all these goodies?! I have a sizable wool collection, but I’m always on the lookout for more, especially if it doesn’t cost me anything!

    I’m a knitter, rather than a crocheter (is that a word), but I do want to try some crochet. I don’t have anyone to teach me, unfortunately, so I think I’ll have to try a book and some Youtube videos.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Hi! Thank you for taking a look! I am very lucky indeed! I didn’t have much of a collection previously as I am new to crochet (and a penniless student) so I usually only have in he supplies that I need.
      I am a self taught crocheter! (we’ll make it the word!) I used Crochet Geek’s youtube channel which breaks it down into really simple steps. It took me about an hour to do my first stitch but after that I was well away! I only started learning a couple of months ago and now I am teaching my Mum! Although I think Crochet Geek is a much better qualified teacher! Good luck if you give it a go!

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