Sharing the Crochet Joy!

After having been doing crochet for a few weeks, I am now churning out finished projects! I get my love of crafts  from my mum, who is an avid stitcher (embroidery and general sewing) but one skill she hadn’t acquired was crochet. Since I seemed  to  be progressing quickly, I was nominated as teacher! My Mum decided that she wanted to make this throw (not an easy design for someone who has never picked up the hook or someone who has never taught anyone!) However, miraculously, it is progressing pretty well!

Here is my Mum’s first ever crochet attempt:

Although she missed out three stitches on the third round, she is still very happy with it and has now completed three of the fourteen squares in this design!


4 thoughts on “Sharing the Crochet Joy!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      She did! She’s naturally an arty person so I’m sure that in no time her skills will surpass mine! It will look great though! Me and my Mum bough some paper in those colours to decorate the spare room (without asking my Dad and brother 😉 ) so once it is all done we will have a nice girly room that I am hoping will become a craft room!

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