And…We’re Back on Track!

After my horrific stitching nightmare the other day, I almost lost interest in the Dimensions Gold kit that I have been working on. However, this week, I decided  that I really needed to get it back on track so I patiently unpicked the rows that were in the wrong place and…


Admittedly, it doesn’t look like anything at all yet, but I am happy because I have finally caught up to where I was when I realised I had gone wrong, and anything that I do from now is progress! Hopefully now it is right again, I will feel more motivated to work on it and progress will appear quicker (fingers crossed!)

Back on track with my cross stitch!

As well as my big project, my little project of the week has been the first of two cross stitch rugs for my (still not quite finished) dolls house. Years ago my Grandpa collected a magazine that came with parts of a dolls house that you could build, but then thought I was too old for it. Years later I decide it will look nice in my room so I took on the task of building it myself. Two summers ago I had almost completed it (pending varnish for the bedroom furniture and three last structural points, as well as purchasing lighting.) Two years on, and I still haven’t gotten any further! However, this summer I am DETERMINED to finish building the bedroom furniture and the overall structure of the house, meaning I simply have to buy lighting and accessories as budget permits.

Here is what I have done of the first rug anyway, I was hoping to have it finished by now but, as usual, it takes much longer than I had expected! Fortunately it should only take a couple of days to finish!

Cross stitch rug for my dolls house


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