Building My Crochet Stash!

Even though I am (already!) short on money this month, I couldn’t help myself stocking up on supplies for my next few crochet projects! (My thinking being that if I stock up now I will have enough to keep me busy until I get paid again…) So, after yet another trip to the Hobbycraft clearance isle, I have got a nice stash of wool for my next few projects!

As my slippers are just about complete (pending assembly) I have decided to work on a lovely phone case designed by Tamara. I was actually going to work on my hat next, but on my previous trip to Hobbycraft to buy the wool for my hat, I spotted some Sindar Squiggle at £1.99 a ball. I absolutely fell in love with it! But I had no idea what I would use it for so reluctantly I left it on the shelf. The minute I stepped onto the bus the phone case pattern that Tamara had kindly emailed me came to mind and I was kicking myself for leaving it behind! Although the wool is chunkier than what Tamara recommended, I love it so much I am going to give it a go! A few adaptations may be in order but since I haven’t stuck to the recommended wool on a project yet, I’m prepared to take the risk! So after scuttling back a few days later and grabbing three balls I have come home a happy bunny 🙂 However, I have decided to do this project next as I’m not sure of the total yardage required, so if I start it now and discover that I need more (fingers crossed!) I will be able to go back and get some before they sell out!

Sirdar Squiggle wool for my phone case!

The next project in line is then my hat (finally!) that has been waiting patiently in my cupboard for ages now! I am using the design for this hat on Ravelry, as it uses chunky wool (which I seem to favour) so I got three balls of Rowan Big Wool (also from the Hobbycraft clearance isle at a bargain £3.99/ball!) and I have made this flower to attach to the hat, using the left over wool from my gloves, so that they (sort of) match. Because the wool  I used for the flower was chunky, I only did two rounds of petals so it didn’t get too big for the hat!

Rowan Big Wool for my hat

The ‘Frothy Flower’ embellishment for my hat

Next in my list of projects in the Zingy (EDF orange blob) pattern that I found here on Etsy. I cannot wait to tart this project because, let’s face it, anyone who watches the advert falls in love with him! I already have a list of people who want one making! One my trip to Hobbycraft I picked up the only (!) ball of orange wool that they had. It is a Hayfield Bonus DK that only cost £1.49 for the ball but it is slightly more fluorescent than I wanted. However, I’m sure that you won’t notice when he is finished, as only the cuteness will be seen!

And my final project (with wool in waiting!) is this shawl. Technically, it is the shawl waiting for the wool, as I have ordered ball of Caron One Pound wool, but alas, the postman hasn’t delivered it yet, which is why this one is last on the list at the moment.

The beasty ball of wool I am waiting for!

So I certainly have a nice stash building that will keep me busy (until pay day at least!) Then I’m sure there will be plenty more projects that I am eagerly awaiting to undertake!


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