Humber Mouth Horror Night

Last night I attended one of the events that is part of a series taking place known as the Humber Mouth Literary Festival. Even for a bookworm like me, this is the first year I found out that we have a literary festival! I only found out due to a pile of leaflets lurking in a cupboard at work! However, even with the lack of advertising, the venue was still crammed full of people!

The horror night consisted of four authors, most notably, Alison Littlewood, whose book ‘Cold Season,’ has been chosen as one of Richard and Judy’s book club titles, reading stories that had been specially commissioned for the event. Each author wrote their own ‘horror’ story, then read it to the candlelit room, illuminated by an eerie red spotlight.

While the setting was described as a ‘Victorian parlour’ the tales of horror were distinctly modern; a change for me, as an avid reader of Victorian ghost stories. These modern tales focused more on psychological horrors, rather than ghostly hauntings of grotesque manifestations, but the audience still listened in a rapt silence. While some of the stories had an obvious element of horror, others were less clear and left the audience feeling confused, yet certain that something horrific was lurking in the shadows of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the night; the atmosphere was fantastic and many of the stories made me feel uneasy and nervous as I sat in suspense. I am eager to explore more of the literature events taking part this year so I will be keeping my eyes open for more to go to!

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