Sealife Centre!

As promised, I have a host of exciting things to tell you and pictures to show you from the trip to the Sealife centre yesterday! First of all, I will share  some pictures of some of the other animals we saw before the penguin news!


Eels! (Sorry for the blurriness…they wouldn’t stay still!)


Octopus! This one likes his three vases to hide in. He starts his day in the bottom vase, works up to the middle vase and finished his day on the top one! Luckily he was showing off for us though!


As well as all of these exciting animals, there were also some amusing otters that were playing with a nut, a HUGE turtle, and of course, the penguins! When we arrived, we didn’t have a good view of the adopted penguin, Gonzo, so we decided to go round the rest of the attraction then return for a better glimpse. When we returned however, Gonzo was in his nesting box, but with only an hour to go until feeding time, we decided to sit it out so that we could get a picture of the penguin we had come to visit! While we were waiting to see him, we got some exciting news…Gonzo has become a dad! The reason Gonzo and his girlfriend (Piglet) wouldn’t come out of their box was because they were guarding their eight week old chick! Still determined to see the penguin, we waiting patiently and we were rewarded twice over! First, Piglet emerged, soon to be followed by Gonzo! However, as the pair were being fed in their box, the chick appeared in the doorway! Being protective parents, the couple haven’t let the chick come out of the box yet (much to the disappointment of the other penguins who were queueing outside the box to have a look!) so we were the first visitors at the centre to see the new arrival! Hopefully, in a few weeks the chick will be out and about with the rest of the penguins…so a return visit may be in order!

Piglet and Gonzo having a cuddle!

I had such an amazing day at the Sealife Centre…there was so much to see and all of the animals were performing their best tricks for us (even the penguins that were chasing the birds!) It was a great way to celebrate our first year of being together…I don’t know how we’ll top it next year! You can read my boyfriend’s blog here, which even features a picture of the baby penguin!

And finally, a picture of my with my souvenir of the day! With a huge thank you to James for making my day (and my year) perfect!


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