New Crafty Goodies!

Over the weekend I ended up doing some spontaneous craft shopping! After failing to find something that attracted my attention at the Beverley Book Fair, I turned to their Boyes store and hunted through their crafty supplies.

Initially, I was going to see what wool they sold and have a look at their prices to hold in mind for future crochet projects, but I somehow found myself down the embroidery isle and I ended up treating myself! For a while now I have been toying with the idea of buying a floss organiser box, as I already have a small one that I put the floss from my current project in as it makes it easier to carry. However, I didn’t feel like the hours it would take to wind all of my threads onto the bobbins would be worth it. However, as I was contemplating the box, I noticed that they also sold a floss winder for £1.05! This ingenious little invention simply clips onto the organiser box and allows you to turn the handle to rotate the bobbin with one hand, and feed the floss onto it with another. This made the process much quicker (as well as much more entertaining!) and I quite happily spent the evening spinning the floss onto the bobbins without much effort. I absolutely adore this item, and for £1.05, it feels like they are giving them away!

On Sunday, I also ended up treating myself to a little something. I have flicked through the Vogue Knitting Crochet Special so many times in my newsagents now, they must be fed up of it! So, as I was passing on Sunday, I decided to check the price. As it was under £5 (I was expecting nearer £10!) I decided that it was a worthy investment. Although some of the items are beyond my range of expertise at the moment, Some of the projects were labelled ‘very easy’ so should therefore be manageable! I really like the range of patterns available in the magazine, from bags and jewellery to jumpers and dresses. It offers a huge scope of what is available to crochet. I have also been looking around for some patterns for clothes that I like (I seem to be picky!) but the magazine has a lot of modern designs that I like, so hopefully I will be attempting some clothing soon!

One project I am eager to get started on is this hat (links to Vogue Knitting Crochet Special preview) that will compliment my finished gloves, which I have pictured below the hat.

The bobble pattern of the hat is similar to the gloves so they should look good together! I can’t wait to get started on the hat now! I am incredibly pleased of how the gloves turned out, them being the first proper project I have undertaken. I was also surprised by how quickly I finished them! After three evenings they were complete!. For anyone who missed it, the pattern for the gloves is available here.


8 thoughts on “New Crafty Goodies!

  1. K. Marie says:

    I saw one of the bobbin winders at WalMart and considered buying one. For whatever reason I figured, I forgot what that was now LOL, I ended up now getting one so I wound all of my bobbins by hand. It took a bit but I was watching TV so I didn’t even realize how long it was taking.

    The gloves came out amazing!! I love the hat too. I picked up loom knitting last fall but then it got too hot so I switched to cross stitch. I can’t crochet or needle knit (I’m convinced it’s because I’m a lefty) because everything always comes out crooked. I may have to pick up the loom knitting again when it gets cooler!!

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      In really love the winder! It was a brilliant investment! I’m really happy with the gloves! I was surprised how well they came out! Aww that’s a shame. Crochet Geek does some great crochet tutorials on youtube and she does them all for right and left handed people if you ever decide to give it a go!

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