My First Experience of Crochet

A few months ago I decided I was going to teach myself how to crochet. The idea came more or less out of the blue – it was only about a year ago that I first started cross stitch, which was the first craft I had really undertaken seriously. Now, I am working on expanding my skills to patchwork/quilting, appliqué and crochet.

I promised myself that I would start crochet straight after my exams, however, with the hooks and wool ready and waiting, I was drawn in by the temptation and spend many of the hours I should have been revising, making granny-squares instead!

I wasn’t sure where to begin with crochet, so I thought my best bet might be to buy some wool that matches my bedroom. I invested in some dark red and white balls of wool, then hunted YouTube for some inspiration. While searching around I came across the channel for Crochet Geek. Suddenly hundreds of tutorials were presented to me, everything from granny squares to amigurumi. I started with the basic granny square in two colours, which took me a while to get started but once I understood the stitches, I completed in three hours (the next square only took me one hour!) Crochet Geek’s videos are fantastic, especially for beginners, as she takes you through the stitches in slow motion so you are able to see what you have to do very clearly. I have now made several squares using Crochet Geek’s designs (I chose to make my throw out of different squares so I could practice all of the different stitches) and I have now progressed to reading patterns, so I invested in The Granny Square Book, to give me another 75 designs to work on.

I have now made about 15 squares for my throw (a long way to go yet!) but I absolutely love it and I usually complete one or two squares a day. My favourite so far is this one:

This was the third square that I made and I am very proud of how it turned out! It is a design by Crochet Geek, and the tutorial on how to make it can be found in three parts here:

Since working on my throw, I felt more confident to branch out into other projects, so the first one I tried was this Jammy Dadger:

I think this is adorable and I will definitely be making more! It was also nice and simple for a beginner! This design was one I got from here:

And finally, my latest project I am working on is a pair of gloves that I stumbled upon on Ravelry (image is linked to the page). I came across some chunky Rowan wool that was reduced to half price at my local Hobbycraft, so I decided to treat myself and, as I had been looking at this design for a while, I thought I would give it a go. Now, three rows from the end of my second glove, I am very glad I did! I will share my finished gloves in a future post!



17 thoughts on “My First Experience of Crochet

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thanks! They really helped me out when I first started! It was great to see how the stitches were done so I now know how to do them without even thinking! It was also useful to grasp where the next round/row of stitches went. I am completely addicted now!

  1. busyfamilylife says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you will really love crochet. I used to knit everyday but have now turned to crochet. That must be the Gemini in me… I change my mind all the time! Yikes! Anyways, if you love the Organizing Utility Tote… Message me so I can tell you how many ways it can be used. I am carrying all of my crochet stuff in it right now.


  2. angela says:

    That’s amazing! I tried knitting two years ago, but never got to finish even one scarf! I’m worried the same thing would happen if I pick up crochet 😛

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I was the same with knitting! I took too long to get anywhere! I find crochet is a lot quicker (once you get it to do what you want!) My first attempt too me about an hour to get the first round of stitches right but once I knew what I was doing I found it very easy to pick up and projects grow much quicker than knitting! (for my experience) – those gloves only took me three evenings to make!

  3. loz8188 says:

    I’m so jealous, crochet has always bewildered me a bit. Definitely going to check out the videos you have suggested and try my best to make a jammy dodger, it’s just too cute! Would love to see how your quilt turns out : )

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      To be honest I had never even considered it or known much about it when I decided to try it! But I really love it! I am too impatient for knitting but I found crochet really quick to pick up and projects can be completed in a relatively short space of time (even for a beginner!) It does take some dedication…I was almost in tears the first time when I couldn’t get my stitches right! But once you crack it it is really quick and easy…the jammy dodger only took me about three hours! I’ll keep everyone updated with my quilt progress!
      Good luck!

  4. billiescraftroom says:

    Just tried crochet for this first time this afternoon. I am hooked but will see what pain levels happen tomorrow as I have RSI. LOVE LOVE those gloves. I wanna make them, off to follow your link to the pattern.

    I’ve always fancied making a granny square blanket and after DH bringing home issues 1&2 of Knit & stitch yesterday he said he likes that quilt style of blanket 🙂 colour me happy. There goes a few years of my life making something like that. Hope the crochet works out as it seems a bit quicker than knitting.

    Best wishes and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      The gloves are really straight forward and excellent for a beginner! Haha yeah the quilts do take up so much time! They’re worth it in the end though 🙂 they always look lovely. I do find crochet quicker than knitting, when I was on a roll with my quilt I was getting 1 or 2 squares done a day! Then uni got in the way! Hopefully I will be able to pick it up again this summer 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by here too!

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