30 Day Book Challenge – #27 Favourite Fiction Book

After having already answered ‘Favourite Book’ and ‘Book From Your Favourite Author‘ finding another favourite fiction book is proving tricky! So as not to repeat myself I have decided to think of another ‘favourite to add to the list!

‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov is one of those books that you almost feel like you shouldn’t like because of the content, but you cannot help finding it so interesting. The novel is narrated by the protagonist, middle-aged professor Humbert Humbert. He is obsessed with the young girl Dolores Haze, whom he calls Lolita. After marrying her mother, Humbert becomes sexually involved with Lolita. After her mother is killed in an accident, Humbert leaves with Lolita as they travel around America and continue their love affair.

One of the reasons this book is so interesting is because of the controversial subject matters of paedophilia and incest. Humbert’s narration is grotesque and disturbing, but at the same time  attempts to gain sympathy from the reader. This complicated mix of prejudice and emotions manages to confuse the reader, so Humbert almost gains our sympathy until his frank confession at the end. I have heard many mixed opinions on this book but it is one that I enjoyed reading although it is difficult to pin down why exactly. The sophisticated language aids Humbert in his plea for sympathy, which also makes the book a pleasure to read. For anyone brave enough to read it, ‘Lolita’ is a rewarding book, and gives a bizarre insight into some of the most controversial subjects of the century.


13 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – #27 Favourite Fiction Book

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      Thanks for stopping by! And for your praise! I was about sixteen when I first read it and I was pretty open-minded about it. It is cleverly written so it isn’t quite as cringy and disgusting as you might expect, it is quite interesting to look at the relationship between Lolita and Humbert. It’s definitely not one that appeals to everyone but I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Karishma says:

    I really like what Nabokov did with it. (As you know, I read it only recently.) ‘Lolita’ is timeless and really disturbing. Usually when I read books (or maybe when anyone does) I side with the protagonists, because I see everything from their point of view and find a way to sympathise with them. So, at one point, I think soon after Humbert married the mother, I found that I didn’t know what to think anymore. On one hand, what he was planning was so disgusting and evil, I didn’t want him to succeed; on the other, I knew the greater, and more twisted, part of the story lay ahead…

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I agree, the story seems so simple on the surface but what is going on underneath is so complex. I think this book is so clever in the way it is constructed. It really causes the reader to question their prejudice and look at themselves and builds the tension incredibly well.

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