30 Day Book Challenge – #22 Book You Plan to Read Next

I am being as dedicated as ever to my reading list that I posted last month, and I have read the first five of my ten books I was planning on reading. The next one on my list is ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue. I would have started this one already but a colleague of my Dad’s leant me a book that she thought I might enjoy, so rather than making her wait ages to get it back, I thought I would read it in the middle of my reading list.

‘Room’ is a story narrated by a five year old boy who is born into isolation, as his mother was kidnapped and raped. The only world he has ever known exists in the lone room he has been brought up in. I started this book a while ago but only got thirty pages into it before I gave up. Since then, however, I have read several reviews that suggest that though the beginning is tedious and difficult, it is well worth seeing it out until the end. As I don’t like leaving books unfinished, I am hoping after my break from it I will be able to pick it up again with renewed vigour!


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