30 Day Book Challenge – #11 Book From Your Favourite Author

I wouldn’t say I have a ‘favourite author’ as such, as I love most writers. Technically I would say that Shakespeare is my favourite writer but then I was unsure whether ‘playwright’ counted as ‘author.’ ย I also toyed with the idea of Dickens, but eventually I settled on Kate Morton as my favourite modern author.

‘The Forgotten Garden’ tells three stories, all interwoven together. We hear the story of Nell, who, in 1913, was found as a young girl on a ship from England to Australia. All she can remember was a mysterious lady called ‘The Authoress’ had put her on board the ship, and the disappeared. In 1975, Nell travels to England to try and unravel the mystery of her past. In 2005 Nell dies and her granddaughter, Cassandra, inherits a cottage in Cornwall that she knew nothing about. In the cottage’s forgotten garden, Cassandra will learn the truth about her family and why her grandmother was sent to Australia on a ship all those years ago.

‘The Forgotten Garden’ is the second of three books Kate Morton has written of this style, the first being ‘The House at Riverton’ and the third, ‘The Distant Hours.’ I loved ‘The Forgotten Garden’ because Morton builds tension in the three stories that run parallel to one another, so the tension is building three-fold until you are unable to put the book down until you have reached the conclusion. The language is also beautiful and compelling. Morton’s books remind me of Kate Mosse’s ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Sepulchre’ in terms of mystery and multiple stories, but I found Morton’s much easier to read as they weren’t as ‘ancient’ as Mosse’s stories. This is another book that I would strongly recommend to anyone!


8 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – #11 Book From Your Favourite Author

  1. Ash says:

    Bought this book awhile ago and its currently gathering dust on my shelves. Only after reading your review did I realize there are 2 other books related to this – The House at Rivertonโ€™ and โ€˜The Distant Hours.โ€™ Hope to pick it up before end of this year.

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