30 Day Book Challenge – #9 Book That Makes You Sick

As much as I thoroughly love this book, Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’ does have the ability to make me feel slightly queasy.

The story is about a young boy who is the soul survivor of  a sinking cargo ship. He finds himself stranded in a lifeboat; but he is not alone. Accompanied by a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, a female orang-utan – and a Bengal tiger, Pi’s situation really becomes a survival of the fittest as the float across the ocean.

This book is wonderful but the scenes in the middle where Pi has to eat turtles does make me feel slightly sick. However, these scenes are worth it, simply because the book is incredibly fascinating. I would recommend this book to anyone, I didn’t think it was something I would enjoy but now it is definitely one of my favourite books!


9 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – #9 Book That Makes You Sick

    • Hannah Ackroyd says:

      I was in two minds whether to see the film or not for that reason! I it’s the only book that’s ever made me feel queasy but films manage it a lot better, I don’t want to be ill in the cinema! I think I’ll be watching through my fingers!

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