30 Day Book Challenge – #6 Favourite Young Adult Book

I first read Skellig when I was in my first year of high school and it has always stuck with me. I remember sitting down one Christmas to watch Sky’s TV adaptation starring Tim Roth; this was the year my brother was studying the text and even he liked it – and he is definitely not a fan of books normally!

The story is about Michael, who is trying to cope with his baby sister’s life-threatening illness. The only salvation he can find is in his new friend Mina. Together, the uncover a strange creature called Skellig, who has been living in Michael’s garage, unnoticed in the hectic move and frequent hospital visits. Michael has to come to terms with life and death, while helping Skellig who has given up on life altogether.

I have never read another book like this one, which is probably why it stands out so much in my mind. It is beautifully written and the magic of the story stays with you once you have put the book down. Last year I was lucky enough to meet David Almond at my University, so I am now the proud owner of a signed copy!


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