Strange Habits of my Crazy Cat!

I have had my cat Tabby (Tabitha) for twelve years now; she’s the third cat we have had since I was born but she is definitely the one with the most character! Recently she has adopted some peculiar habits, so I thought I would share them with you. If anyone else has an equally mad cat out there feel free to share your comments…it would be a relief to know that Tabby isn’t the only one!

  • Tabby has bizarre drinking habits. She will only drink out of a glass (heaven forbid she ever had to drink out of her water bowl!) And if no glass is available, even the toilet is a better option than her bowl. This, however, is an improvement from the last few months, where she would only drink from a glass in the bath (I kid you not!)
  • When we first got Tabby, me and my brother were only very young, and for this reason Tabby felt a need to ‘protect’ us. She still likes to do this now when she feels that we are threatened. In her eyes the doorbell poses a big threat. As soon as the doorbell rings she runs to the door growling to frighten off any threats. Then once we open the door she shoots off upstairs just in case a real threat does lurk behind the frosted glass.
  • Her favourite food is sweetcorn. She has recently been put on a prescription diet by the vet to try and control her over-active thyroid, so she is not allowed any food other than what the vet gives us. Before this, however, she would happily claw at your legs when you are eating to try and get a treat and if ever we had sweetcorn she had to have a bowl to herself!
  • She is an incredibly reliable alarm clock. My Dad is usually the first person up during the week as he has to get ready for work so it is his job to give Tabby breakfast. On weekends though, when he wants a lie-in, Tabby has very different ideas. She has a very unique way of waking people up – she sneezes on them. I don’t know how she is able to sneeze on cue, but she can. She will jump up purring and crawl up to your face as though she wants to cuddle and then sneeze on you to get you up!
  • Tabby can huff. I don’t know if that is the technical term, but the fast expulsion of air through your nose when you are annoyed about something. Tabby does this frequently when you pick her up. It is a particularly human trait that I have never seen in a cat before; I’m quite concerned that she may have picked it up from us!
  • Finally, if she has nodded off into a particularly deep sleep and wakes up suddenly, she often likes to discover where everyone is. She does this by yowling. She will sit downstairs screeching away until we reassure her by shouting to her so she knows where we are. At which point she will happily go back to sleep again!

This list is just an example of a few of the odd habits Tabby has. It is about half the length of the original list I had! As I mentioned before, feel free to comment on any odd habits your pets have, I’d love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “Strange Habits of my Crazy Cat!

  1. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    Tap, tap with the paw on the face early every morning and if that doesn’t work he goes to the end of the bed and puts his paws in the bed swiping at my toes.
    Even during the day if he wants something he comes up and does this tap, tap thing just like someone tapping you on the shoulder.

  2. Ash says:

    Well I’m not a cat person per se but I did have 3 dogs…one of them was full of character. Scooby was his name and his traits were waking up my dad at 4.30 am to be let out by tapping with the paws; watching tv; had a comfort blanket which he wouldn’t let go of even for laundry; loved to eat out of our palms rather than his bowl most of the time.

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