HUUTV Short Film Competition 23/04/12

Last night I attended the HUUTV Short Film Competition for students of Hull University and the local colleges. HUUTV is a television station run by students of Hull University. The event took place in Fruit, located in the old Fruit market of Hull, which is now becoming the hub of unique arts and crafts events in the city. Fruit was an apt location for the Short Film Competition, as it is renowned for hosting its Cult Cinema Evenings and Horror Fests. This fantastic opportunity let the students films share the screen that has presented some of the most famous Hollywood classics.

You cannot help but be amazed by the quality of the films, which students are responsible for writing, filming, directing, acting and editing. The films fully represent a student’s outlook on life, which makes them incredibly unique. A full spectrum of genres is covered, from comedy to drama and tragedy, even science fiction. This event covers such a range of themes, issues and ideas, which makes every one of the films contrast from the others.

The winner of best film was ‘Lost Inside,’ which was directed by Shay McGrear. It was the worthy winner after producing an emotional silent film about a girl who struggles with agoraphobia, a fear of going outside. It is a wonderfully captivating film that is truly touching and was of professional standard. It was chosen by the four judges, including Hull’s Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. However, the audience vote went to ‘An Expedition,’ a comedy about Shakleton’s failed expedition to Narnia, which was incredibly entertaining, and also took the ‘Best Script’ award.

You can watch ‘Lost Inside’ at

To find out more about HUUTV or to view some short films produced by the Hull University students, take a look at the website:

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